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Stories can lead to sabotage OR success.

Do the stories you tell help or hinder?

  Stories can celebrate or denigrate; fuel progress or impede it; make you feel on top of the world or at the bottom of the Mariana Trench. The good news is two-fold. One, you can always, always, choose which stories … Continue reading

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Do you know your value?

Are you taking the lazy way out?

  Ask any ten entrepreneurs why they do what they do, and I’ll bet you that at least eight out of the ten will reply, “I love to help people.” Yawn. Understand that I’m not disparaging this reply. (Well, okay, … Continue reading

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What outcomes do your thoughts create?

Ready for some positive paranoia?

Chances are you’ve heard the rather bleak joke that observes, “Just because you’re paranoid doesn’t mean they’re not out to get you.” Ouch. You may have come to realize you’re one of the many, many people who find it easy … Continue reading

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Will you choose to use your power well?

Don’t let them kid you: Knowledge is NOT power!

  Okay, so you’ve taken purposeful steps to identify what you and others see as your key strengths. So what? Remember: Knowledge is not power. Applied knowledge is power. That means your next step is to figure out a compelling … Continue reading

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Do your keywords make both spiders AND prospects happy?

Who would you rather make nice with – a person or a spider?

As far as I’m concerned, spiders are kind of creepy, whether you’re talking about a tiny beast a quarter inch across or a tarantula as big as a dinner plate.  However, if you want to succeed in business today, even if … Continue reading

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Successful entrepreneurs create their own outcomes.

The minimalist guide to always getting positive outcomes

I know, I know.  Speaking in absolutes, like the word “always”, is a good way to get yourself in trouble.  But I contend that there is a way to always experience a positive outcome.  It just depends on how you … Continue reading

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Young entrepreneurs naturally appreciate a good story.

How to Use Personal Storytelling as a Powerful Business Development Tool

You’re the chief storyteller of your life. Do your stories build your self-confidence and personal power, or tear them down? Continue reading

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Are you focusing or painting yourself into a corner?

Too much of anything can be toxic. Is your focus and goal orientation starting to blind you to your actual accomplishments? Continue reading

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The ONE question that will turn you into a master problem-solver

When you CAN. NOT. AFFORD. to be stuck, this question will un-stick you. Continue reading

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