Which sounds better: a mid-life crisis or a mid-life blooming?

I vote for blooming.

I’m not totally thrilled about being in mid-life to begin with.  I’m too damn young to have knee pain and this much grey hair (even though my stylist calls it “platinum”).  I’m really  not okay with being in a whole new age category when I take surveys, and don’t even get me started on receiving mail from AARP.

So, with all that stuff to contend with already, I’m so not interested in having a crisis, too.  I’m grateful I don’t have to.

Don’t get me wrong: There are a lot of things happening that I need to deal with.   I’m concerned that the facial tic I get when the snow starts flying will become permanent if I spend too much longer in a state where winter lasts five months.  My husband, who is a gifted caregiver, is striking out in a new direction in his business.  And my two Golden retrievers shed so much that, if I use any face cream at night, I end up looking like a Wookie in the morning with dog hair clinging to my face.


The good news is that I’m having such a good time despite a few challenges.  I have an enormous amount of fun partnering with my clients to create powerful action plans that get them results.  I have a new office space that’s a delight to work in.  I have three MasterMind colleagues who are an amazing source of insight, inspiration, and tough love.  My platinum hair is cunningly concealed by two (or three…maybe four) colors, one of which, I’m sure, actually does resemble my natural hair color.   I’m feeling more creative and more powerful than I ever have before.

So Woohoo! to those of us who choose blooming over crisis.  I hope you enjoy your fabulous mid-life as much as I’m enjoying mine.  Please let me know if I can help in any way—I make a terrific cheerleader.

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8 Responses to Which sounds better: a mid-life crisis or a mid-life blooming?

  1. Michele says:

    I am having a difficult time embracing the blooming part of life. I can’t say I am quite feeling more powerful yet…hoping that is on the horizon for me. In the meantime, I am getting up and getting going. And I know exactly what you mean about AARP…I won’t even begin to get on that subject……
    Anyway, thanks for the great outlook you shared. It will be my goal to attempt to view things as you do, in a more positive light!

    • Kathleen Mavity Kathleen says:

      Michele, maybe you could cut yourself some slack? The mere fact that you’re “getting up and getting going” is a whole lot more than some people do!

      I once commented to my business coach that it was disappointing to me not to have some big honkin’ “Aha!” moment, despite the fact that I was putting serious effort into my coaching work. Her response: “Whether you get wet in a downpour or in a gentle mist, you’re still getting wet.” Maybe you’re doing more of a “misty” blooming. 🙂

  2. Lorraine says:

    Midlife blooming I love it. Great post! Now we just have to come up with a new name for hot flashes!!!!!!!!

  3. I already had my crisis.. which led to an honest to goodness blooming! And yes, I am so grateful for hair dye! But I have a dear friend who is turning 69 in one month, and she is living her best life ever! Such an inspiration.

    • Kathleen Mavity Kathleen says:

      Isn’t it great to have models for the women we want to be when we grow up? 🙂

      Your comment about your friend’s best life ever prompts me to toss out an observation that I suspect swims against the tide. While I love the concept of aspiring to our “best”, I’m not crazy about talking about the “best year” ever. For me, that means that next year won’t be as good as this year, because this year is the best “ever”. Instead, I like thinking in terms of “best year yet“. For me, that leaves open the possibility of continually increasing wonderfulness.

      Is that real quirky, or does it make sense to you?

  4. jeff noel says:

    Hi Kathleen, a Google alert for midlife led me here. Just wanted to say hi and wish you great success in 2012.
    PS. The blooming image is soooo much better than the crisis image.

    • Kathleen Mavity Kathleen says:

      Hi and success wishes back to you!

      I know that “crisis” can mean both “change” and “opportunity”, and that’s a valuable viewpoint. I’ve gotta say, though, that “blooming” is a concept I find a lot more fun and energizing.

      And, lastly, I bow to you for having taken the concept of “blogs for busy people” to a truly marvelous new height. Woohoo to you!

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