“What If…?”: A Powerful Tool for Thinking Big and Achieving Goals

There’s probably not an entrepreneur alive who hasn’t scared herself by playing the “What if?” game: “What if the prospect says no?”  “What if the client doesn’t like my work?”   “What if I have to go back to the cubicle farm???”  

This kind of thinking keeps you afraid and holds you back; it eats away at your self-confidence and robs you of personal power.  If you intend to create serious business growth, you’ve got to let go of that type of self-talk.

How can you start to turn it around?  The practice is very straightforward.  Whenever you hear yourself thinking, “What if…?”, followed by some negative outcome you fear, substitute a highly desirable outcome, instead.  For instance, “What if the client doesn’t like my work?” can be changed to “What if the client loves my work so much they hire me for even more?”

Face it.  When you make up stories that start with “What if…?”, you’re doing just that: making them up!  Far more often than not, you probably have little or no evidence to support your fear that things will turn out poorly.  Since you’re creating a work of fiction anyway, why not choose to write one with a happy ending?

Just this one shift – from predicting gloom and doom to anticipating success and excitement – will go a long way to freeing the courageous entrepreneur that may be trapped behind those fearful thoughts.

If you’re ready to step into a bigger future but aren’t quite sure how to develop the action plans to make it happen, maybe I can help.  Please feel free to connect with me so we can set up a get-acquainted, let’s-see-what-we-see phone call.  What if it turns out we’d do fabulous work together?  We’ll never know unless we try!

BTW, thanks to KAZVorpal for posting his tornado-siren image on flickr.com!
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