What do you do when your “big” feels overwhelming?

One of the reasons I enjoy such great relationships with my clients is that I’m so familiar with the feeling that my head may explode from all the possibilities facing me.

I find it curious and aggravating that I still think I “should” be able to avoid this feeling, since I teach others how to avoid it.  This is idiotic thinking for two reasons:

  1. “You teach what you most need to learn” is something I absolutely believe in, and it’s okay that I’m still in the process of learning.
  2. It’s always easier to look into someone else’s business than it is to look in your own.  That’s why I belong to two Mastermind groups: so I can rely on trusted others to do the looking-in for me.

If you spend more time than you’d like in paralyzed, deer-in-the-headlights mode, here are some suggestions for getting out of overwhelm. 

  1. Rather than let your thoughts go spinning round and round in circles, write out everything that you want to tackle.  Putting thoughts and idea on paper goes a long way to creating a feeling of control.
  2. Be ruthlessly honest in letting go of things that you know you’re not going to do, even if they sound like good ideas.  Maybe they’re not good ideas at this time; maybe they’d be energy suckers no matter when you tried to do them.  In any event, saying an enlightened “no” to certain tasks will not only clear your mental, emotional, and (often) physical decks for action; it will help preserve your sanity, as well – which can’t be over-rated.
  3. Be strategic.  Think in terms of mission-critical versus important versus nice ideas.  You can’t afford to spend time tweaking with the nice ideas if your foundation isn’t already strong.  Let go of the desire to address anything other than mission-critical tasks; that will take a lot of possibilities off your plate.

So:  What have you found that keeps you sane, in control, and out of overwhelm?  Don’t be shy about sharing your success strategies here!

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