They’re just not that into you…

What matters is what your client SAYS matters.

Years ago, my sisters and I decided not to be subtle about gift-giving, so now we don’t hint about what we’d like to receive; we flat out share lists of “I want this!” options. It makes life easier all around, even – or especially – if the giver has no idea why the recipient will be so happy to unwrap the gift.

For example, I fell madly in love with the sweatshirt pictured above and gave it five stars on my wish list. After I delightedly unwrapped it, my sisters shared that they exchanged a major eye-roll when buying it. They thought it was a bit…esoteric. They bought it for me anyway, because they know gifts are about what the recipient would like to get, not what the giver would like to give.

That’s a lesson marketers, whether novice or veteran, do well to keep in mind.

No matter how fabulous you may think your offering is, if it doesn’t strike right at the heart of your prospect’s worst pain, it’s not going to do anybody any good. If the prospect doesn’t see the value, she won’t buy – and you won’t see any revenues.

In this sense, the snarky sentiment of a 2009 film is absolutely true: They’re just not that into you.

BUT…you can change that.

When you apply “both/and” thinking to business development, you’ll be able to identify what will both be enjoyable for you to create/offer and valuable to your ideal client. Consistently providing these high-value offerings creates raving fans of your work and teaches your clients that they can rely on you to give them exactly what’s on their wish list.

And that’s the point where they become totally into you.

As you start every new day – or week, or year, or even decade – remember to ask yourself: “What does my ideal client need that I can provide?” With that as your business-development lens, you’ll be primed to create butt-kicking results for your clients – and yourself.

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