If you have the opportunity to work with Kathleen – take it!

The first time I met Kathleen, I knew she was someone special.  How fortunate and grateful I am that she became someone in my “boat.”   Her insights and wisdom helped open the door for both personal and business growth.  Kathleen holds an MBA and is able to recognize strengths and obstacles in businesses.  She both brainstorms and strategizes to capitalize on the strengths and overcome the challenges. She is smart, perceptive, and from a heart of compassion holds a desire to see individuals obtain their best lives both personally and professionally.Cari's gorgeous 2012 head shot

Kathleen is one of those rare individuals who not only holds both broad and detailed knowledge but can also communicate it in ways that are applicable and create change – big change. Her influence and input in my life has impacted the person I am today and how I think about my business.

Kathleen is an inspiring example of someone who’s creating and implementing what she wants in life.  If anyone has the opportunity to work with her – take it!  You will love the difference in your life.

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