Huge value

Hiring Kathleen was such a good decision! Mel's picture, May 2012I’d been feeling adrift, and the structure she provided made it so much easier for me to identify ways to build my business.  Now I have tools that are helping me get as good at the development side of the business as I am at the delivery side of it.  She helped me figure out the “why”, the “what”, and the “how” of business building.
Kath has a knack for sharing dead-on-target information in a way that’s easy for me to get on a gut level. In fact, a couple of her recommendations and observations will be with me forever; they were worth the price of the whole program all by themselves.
Kathleen has turned out to be one of my most valuable business resources and will continue to be in the future too! – Mary Ellen “Mel” Scholl, Women’s Pathways to Health

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