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CHOICE is the difference between blah and briliant.

If you settle for what you can get, you’ll probably never get what you could.

  I was recently speaking with a friend who made a powerful observation: “Every time you settle for less than you really want, it’s like burying yourself alive.” Ouch. This really got me thinking, and I realized that settling  – … Continue reading

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Procrastination is a choice. Just not a good one.

Waiting for success = speeding toward failure

  If I had to choose the most stubborn, ubiquitous, and effective obstacle to entrepreneurial success, my hands-down favorite would be procrastination. According to Etymology Online, this word comes “directly from [the] Latin procrastinationem, ‘a putting off from day to … Continue reading

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The Hamster-Wheel School of productivity

You’ve probably seen cute little hamsters running on their wheels. They look so darn adorable, don’t they? Furry, cuddly, goofy looking as they go in endless circles, working so hard to get nowhere. Do you ever have a sneaking suspicion … Continue reading

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Important? Uncomfortable? Downright unnerving? Yup, must be a Quadrant II activity.

It takes guts to do what’s important but uncomfortable. How do YOU handle this? Continue reading

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