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Make it easy for your prospect to say "yes".

5 things your prospect needs to hear from you before she says “yes”

  We’ve all been there at least once. You connect with someone you just know would be a great client. You spend an hour talking to her, establishing what feels like a strong rapport and describing what you can do … Continue reading

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Your value must justify your price.

Do your prospects suffer from sticker shock?

  You know the pain of getting excited about a potential new purchase, only to recoil when you read the price tag? It’s called sticker shock, and it’s not pretty. Sticker shock is the clash between the value of the … Continue reading

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Say what your clients need to hear.

Use this powerful tactic to bore, scare, and confuse your prospects.

While some entrepreneurs are naturally talented at scaring away tasty prospects, you may be one of those who needs some help at keeping the hordes away.  Fortunately, there’s a single tactic you can use immediately to ensure that you’ve got … Continue reading

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Are you working ON your business or just IN it? How to balance development and delivery.

When you work IN your business, you’re busy delivering the goods, working in the now to earn money. When you work ON your business, you focus on developing your business so that in the future you will be, do, and have more. Continue reading

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