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You can't succeed if you don't care.

Looking For Loyalty? Start Here.

  Love your clients? I bet you DO. Most business owners adore their clients. They LOVE their colleagues. They are grateful for the relationships they make through their business. So it might surprise you to hear the statistic that 68% … Continue reading

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Allow prospects to choose you.

You can’t make me!

  You’ve heard children say to their siblings – and sometimes even their parents – “You can’t make me!” Childish and defiant, right? And yet haven’t you, a mature and self-assured entrepreneur, implicitly said the same thing when someone tried … Continue reading

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Choose your relationships wisely.

Who’s on your island?

  You may be familiar with Survivor, a long-running television show. (Since I’ve been television-free for over 10 years, I had to Google it, but that’s beside the point.) Since the idea is for “castaways” to outwit, outlast and outplay … Continue reading

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Do you know your value?

Are you taking the lazy way out?

  Ask any ten entrepreneurs why they do what they do, and I’ll bet you that at least eight out of the ten will reply, “I love to help people.” Yawn. Understand that I’m not disparaging this reply. (Well, okay, … Continue reading

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If a six-year-old can understand your value, so can your prospects.

The advanced class: Speaking for six-year-olds, Part II

If you read last Thursday’s post, you know that I encouraged you to take the time and effort to craft such a powerful, easy-to-understand marketing message that even a six-year-old would have a good idea of the work you do. … Continue reading

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A powerful job description can be understood by a six-year-old.

How to become fluent in six-year-old-ese, Part I

After reading last Thursday’s post, which posed the question, “Are your prospects as smart as a six-year-old?,” maybe you’ve started to fret over whether you’re talking to your ideal prospects in a way that’s easy to understand. If you’re not … Continue reading

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Doing techie stuff is a BIG step for me. What feels big and scary to you?

Oh.  My.  Gosh. I’m once again frantically searching for chocolate to calm myself down before I attempt one of those “easy to do” online activities . I decided to take advantage of a service called Thumbtack as an additional way to get … Continue reading

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