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Take action now.

Why NOW is the right time to take action

  It doesn’t matter whether you’re considering a change in your professional or personal life; now is the right time to act on your idea. Does “act on” mean “implement immediately”? Maybe. Maybe not. What it does mean is “stop … Continue reading

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Don't sabotage your outcomes!

Are you strangling your business in the name of quality?

  While Mae West once declared, “Too much of a good thing can be wonderful,” it’s probably more accurate to say that “Too much of anything is toxic.” It’s true. Whether we’re talking about a physical activity, a food, a … Continue reading

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You can't be undecided if you want to succeed.

What’s your default: dither or do?

  You’ve probably known a champion ditherer. He makes up his mind, then changes it, then changes it again, then reconsiders, then goes off in a different direction…until you want to just give him a good shake, and say, “Decide, … Continue reading

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Success requires courage.

What’s stopping you now?

  If you’re like most talented entrepreneurs, the tendency to procrastinate can be a major obstacle to your success. If you’re like some successful entrepreneurs, you’ve committed to a “do it NOW” approach to the myriad tasks facing you as … Continue reading

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You need to meet success half-way!

Haven’t you started YET?

  As I addressed in last week’s post, procrastination is a fabulous way to quickly and efficiently derail your success.  If this sounds less than appealing, here are some more ways to fight your put-it-off tendencies and, instead, propel yourself … Continue reading

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Procrastination is a choice. Just not a good one.

Waiting for success = speeding toward failure

  If I had to choose the most stubborn, ubiquitous, and effective obstacle to entrepreneurial success, my hands-down favorite would be procrastination. According to Etymology Online, this word comes “directly from [the] Latin procrastinationem, ‘a putting off from day to … Continue reading

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Resistance and success don't mix.

Resistance is STILL futile. What are you doing about it?

  Last week we explored the topic of resistance, but stopped short of addressing how to actually deal with it. Since self-awareness without action is fairly useless, let’s figure out how to address the question that will actually improve your … Continue reading

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Are you resisting success?

Resistance is futile. Give it a rest!

  Have you ever watched two hard-core arm wrestlers? Both are exerting all their strength to resist the force of the opponent’s hand. This typically involves a lot of sweat and strain, grunting and grimacing. And, sometimes when a wrestler … Continue reading

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There’s No Such Thing as a Perfect Action Plan! (Thank Goodness.)

Perfectionism has a high cost and a low return. So why do so many of us get sucked into thinking “perfection” is what we should aim for? Here’s an idea for getting out of Perfection Paralysis. Continue reading

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