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Don't sabotage your own success!

Can you see where you’re sabotaging yourself?

Sabot is a French word meaning “wooden shoe”, and it’s the root of the word sabotage. There’s a story about the early days of manufacturing in France. It’s said that, when workers wanted to protest something (low wages, poor working … Continue reading

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Do you have the solution they need?

Give ‘em what they need NOW.

  So you’ve clearly described the characteristics of your ideal client and identified her major pain points. You’re ready for the third vital step in creating your Ideal Client Profile: letting her know you understand exactly what solutions she needs … Continue reading

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Your value lies in your pain-relieving skills.

If they’re not writhing, they’re not buying.

  Perceived value is relative. It all depends on how much pain and urgency you’re experiencing and how readily a potential solution can relieve that pain. If you were having a heart attack, who would you want working on you: … Continue reading

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Will you choose to use your power well?

Don’t let them kid you: Knowledge is NOT power!

  Okay, so you’ve taken purposeful steps to identify what you and others see as your key strengths. So what? Remember: Knowledge is not power. Applied knowledge is power. That means your next step is to figure out a compelling … Continue reading

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Powerful, creative super-heroes.

The X-Men Guide to business development

The X-Men: Days of Future Past tells the story of how Wolverine, one of the Good Guys, is sent back in time in an effort to prevent an event that would result in the destruction of both mutants and humans. … Continue reading

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Successful entrepreneurs appeal to their clients' hearts.

How to use love and an attitude of service as powerful business-development tools

Think of the last time you had a major problem you needed help with. It doesn’t have to be work related. It could be a problem like the one we faced recently, when our furnace quit working the night the … Continue reading

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Successful entrepreneurs create their own outcomes.

The minimalist guide to always getting positive outcomes

I know, I know.  Speaking in absolutes, like the word “always”, is a good way to get yourself in trouble.  But I contend that there is a way to always experience a positive outcome.  It just depends on how you … Continue reading

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Are you a winner or a wannabe?

How to Write a Really Lousy Marketing Message in 10 Easy Steps

Based on a lot of marketing out there, it’s easy to see there’s fierce competition for the  World’s Lamest Marketing Message Award.  If you’re in the running for it, these ten tips will help you create such pathetically useless marketing … Continue reading

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Are you using “Why?” as a whip or a compass?

Do you know the one question that can stop you in your tracks AND propel you forward, depending on how you ask it? Continue reading

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Don’t blame yourself, but…it IS your fault.

Okay, maybe that’s not fair. Unsuccessful entrepreneurs often confuse and misuse the concepts of blame, fault, and responsibility.  Successful ones are clear on the differences. Blame and fault-finding are often the default reactions of someone coming from a position of … Continue reading

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The ONE question that will turn you into a master problem-solver

When you CAN. NOT. AFFORD. to be stuck, this question will un-stick you. Continue reading

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Are you choosing to stay stuck?

When you’ve hit rock bottom and feel as helpless as a turtle on its back, try one of these five strategies for getting unstuck. Continue reading

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