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Make sure your prospects know how valuable you are to them.

4 EEEEasy Steps to Creating a Powerful USP

  You’ve probably been subjected to more than one incredibly lame 60-second commercial at live networking events. The purpose of this so-called “elevator pitch” is to position oneself as someone worth learning more about because of the huge value you … Continue reading

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Smart entrepreneurs listen more than talk.

5 networking mistakes that make you look dumb

I wish I could tell you that my knowledge of these mistakes comes from observation rather than personal experience. However, that would be such a huge lie that my tongue would probably fall right out of my head if I … Continue reading

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Powerful communications are easy for even a child to understand.

Are your prospects as smart as a six-year-old?

K.I.S.S. Regardless of whether you prefer the snarky version of this acronym or the kinder, gentler version, the gist of it is the same: Keep it simple.   This advice is invaluable in a whole slew of situations, both personal and … Continue reading

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Successful entrepreneurs know better than to be pushy OR wimpy.

Authentic networking trumps “working the room” every time .

Did you see Ghostbusters back in the ‘80s?  One of my favorite lines in that movie comes in the scene where Bill Murray’s character has just had a very close encounter with a gooey green ghost.  When one of his … Continue reading

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