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Is that your final answer?

There is often more than a single answer to a question. Put another way, there’s more than one way to skin a cat. (Apologies to the cat lovers out there; I just couldn’t come up with another metaphor that would … Continue reading

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Does clarity elude you?

How to kick marketing butt even if you “hate marketing”

  “How did I get here?” This plaintive and bemused question came from a woman I met at a networking event. She was reflecting on the fact that she claims to hate marketing, yet now she’s in the throes of … Continue reading

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Success is a choice.

Do you make success impossible for yourself?

Have you ever had the experience of bopping along, taking care of your clients and living your life, when suddenly you decide this is not what you signed up for? Welcome to the club. I believe many entrepreneurs deal with … Continue reading

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Do you choose to claim your power or surrender it?

How to take back your power

There are a lot of ways to surrender your power. Adopt a victim mentality by falling prey to what Dr. Martin Seligman calls learned helplessness… Use power-robbing language (for example, I can’t, If only, Why me?, I wish)… Allow others … Continue reading

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Do your words and your actions support each other?

You have the right to remain silent. Use it – but wisely.

  A young friend of mine recently demonstrated that actions truly can speak louder than words. She and some girlfriends were at a nightclub, enjoying themselves on the dance floor, when a young man decided that Elizabeth and her friends … Continue reading

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Success can start anywhere.

You STILL don’t want to mess with the Mouse: more success lessons

Last week, I explored some success lessons to be learned from Walt Disney’s use of a cartoon mouse to build one of the world’s great entertainment empires. The creator of our trusty rodent friend Mickey has more wisdom to share … Continue reading

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Winners quit strategically.

Quit. I dare you.

  “She’s a real quitter.” How many of us would consider that to be a compliment? Not many, I’m guessing, because the concept of quitting typically carries a tremendous amount of negative baggage. And that’s a curious thing. The dictionary … Continue reading

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