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Your value must justify your price.

Do your prospects suffer from sticker shock?

  You know the pain of getting excited about a potential new purchase, only to recoil when you read the price tag? It’s called sticker shock, and it’s not pretty. Sticker shock is the clash between the value of the … Continue reading

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Can you solve their problem, or not?

Does this “four-letter word” slip into your marketing?

  In America, referring to something as “a four-letter word” is another way of calling it a swear word or obscenity – something to be avoided in polite and professional company. While the swear words that led to this euphemism … Continue reading

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Choose your relationships wisely.

Who’s on your island?

  You may be familiar with Survivor, a long-running television show. (Since I’ve been television-free for over 10 years, I had to Google it, but that’s beside the point.) Since the idea is for “castaways” to outwit, outlast and outplay … Continue reading

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