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Perfection is the enemy of good.

Are your standards unreasonable?

What do you suppose ultimately does your business more good: kick-ass, intermittent marketing, or good marketing done regularly and strategically? (Hint: The answer is behind Door Number Two.) Yet I suspect many entrepreneurs shoot themselves in the marketing foot by … Continue reading

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Creativity and productivity in nature.

A rite to help you write right

Getting prospects to trust you and respect your abilities is one of your more crucial business-development activities. A business truism that has stood the test of time is this: Unless a prospect knows, likes, and trusts you, she’s not going … Continue reading

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Successful entrepreneurs refuse to compromise their productivity.

One easy tip for driving yourself insane while blogging

Many successful entrepreneurs will tell you that one of their critical success factors is clearly demonstrating how their services benefit their clients.  They share client success stories, they give out high-value content, and they make it a point to do … Continue reading

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