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It's your choice whether or not to let them push your buttons.

Who’s pushing your buttons?

We all have them: those people, words, and actions that push our buttons and hijack our peace of mind. When you allow that button pushing, the very best you can hope for is just a few hours of crankiness. Too … Continue reading

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You can still make it right even if "they're" wrong.

But they’re WRONG!!

So….. I was locked in combat with the beast known as Facebook advertising. When I tried to re-run an ad – previously approved by FB in every detail – my account was instantly shut down for “non-compliance with our policies.” … Continue reading

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Are you moving at the speed of sloth?

Every day brings dozens of choices, both personal and professional. Many of them are made unconsciously; sometimes that’s a good thing, and sometimes it’s not. When you’re trying to create something special in your life, you’re going to get much … Continue reading

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Choose success.

If it works for a bird-brain…

Warning! Warning!! If you’re 100% committed to using only tangible, nuts-and-bolts tools to build your business, you’d best bail out now. However, if you’re 100% committed to using the best tangible tools and the best mindset tools available, you’ll love … Continue reading

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Smart choices enable you to hack through obstacles.


“WHY?” It’s a double-edged sword. There are situations in which asking this is a powerful tool for growth. When your results were even better than you’d hoped for, analyzing why will enable you to make those success-enhancing activities and decisions … Continue reading

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It's hard to feel scared when you're celebrating.

High fives and high vibes

A recent misunderstanding expanded my horizons. My friend, Marinda, and I were talking about how it can be challenging these days to focus on what’s working instead of what’s screwed up, and to be courageous instead of fearful. We went … Continue reading

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You can always choose your response to circumstances.

Turning the pandemic on its head.

I almost never address current affairs in these posts. However, I realized that – if we so choose – we can actually create something useful out of the present experience…and that’s totally in alignment with my goal of sharing useful … Continue reading

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It’s a good time to chill.

When have you let fear override clear thinking? Do you get so busy doing that you stop seeing what’s there? When have you assumed yourself into a corner and gotten stuck? These are all situations when it behooves you to … Continue reading

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The outcome is what really drives you.

Do ACTIVITIES or OUTCOMES drive your goals?

A few days ago I excitedly shared with one of my accountability partners that, as part of the process of creating a series of e-books, I’m going through all the content I’ve created over the years to see what could … Continue reading

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Success is a habit, too.

Failure is habit forming. So is success. Which habit are you in?

Did you leave the womb brushing your teeth every day? I didn’t think so. Were you very young when helpful adults got you launched on this healthy habit? Yup. At this point in your life, tooth brushing is an activity … Continue reading

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You can choose to be strong.

Say it like you mean it.

  For as much time as the typical entrepreneur spends on refining the words of her marketing messages, I wonder if she puts the same care into how she says those words when she’s interacting with people face to face. … Continue reading

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You've gotta know when to say "no."

Dogs as business instructors. Who knew?

    I recently puppy-sat for my sister’s dogs. Two of them. For a week. Added to my own dog, this means I was outnumbered three to one. Emma (the little blond) had to be watched every moment she’s outside, … Continue reading

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You can choose not to lose.

What would it be worth to stop making bad decisions?

How many times have you hesitated to make a decision because you were so concerned about making the “right” one? How many times has your hesitation led to missed opportunities? If you’re like many entrepreneurs, the answers are “lots” and … Continue reading

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"Hope" is not a success strategy!

“Hope” is not a success strategy, but this is.

Last year, I applied to be a speaker and behind-the-scenes crew member at an international conference. Since I’d already spoken at another conference held by the same organization, I was feeling confident – maybe even a bit smug – about … Continue reading

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"Ask" is not a bad word.

What’s the worst that can happen?

  The other day, Joseph (my hubby) went in to purchase an amp for his electric guitar. While he was willing to spend the money on it, he naturally wanted to get as good a deal as possible. So when … Continue reading

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Focus is essential to productivity.

Killing the killers

  Last week I spoke about productivity killers. In my opinion, all of them are subtle, insidious, and a general pain in the ass. The good news is that there are specific action steps you can take to do away … Continue reading

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Choose to ask creative questions.

Do you have the guts to ask for what you want?

  One of my Mastermind partners, Pat Schuler of Kick Butt Sales Training, sometimes asks her clients, “Do you really want to rely on hope as a business development strategy?” Ouch. She’s got a point. Too many entrepreneurs simply cross … Continue reading

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Courage is feeling fear and taking action anyway.

If it feels good, should you do it?

  Some would-be successful entrepreneurs may be tempted to look at their peers who are already enjoying success and wonder if those peers are simply lucky. After all, why else would they be getting the results that are currently eluding … Continue reading

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Do you choose to stop or go on the road to success?

Do you allow success into your life?

  Say you’re about to go to dinner at your favorite local restaurant. Would you drive with one foot on the accelerator and one on the brake? Not if you wanted to actually enjoy the fabulous meal awaiting you. But … Continue reading

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Stress and success don't mix.

Time for a change! 5 ways to squash your stress

  Are you normal? For your sake, I hope not. “Normal” entails—at least in America—feeling overwhelmed, under-appreciated, tired, and stressed out.  And while that may be the norm, that doesn’t mean it’s natural, and it’s certainly nothing that most of … Continue reading

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Successful entrepreneurs embrace changes.

How do you react to the C word?

  There are many potentially scary things in the world: bridges, tarantulas, spandex…the list goes on and on. We all deal with a variety of fears, both large and small, as we go through life. However, one fear that’s common … Continue reading

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Are your thoughts sabotaging your success?

Mind-reading made easy

  You’ve gotta give a lot of parents “A” for “effort”, because they do their very best to keep their kids safe and free from emotional or physical harm. Unfortunately, some of us, as a result of our well-intentioned parents, … Continue reading

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Success requires you to say NO sometimes.

5 steps to saying “no” without guilt

For far too many entrepreneurs, especially women, “no” is a four-letter word: rude, crude, and socially unacceptable. What’s with that? Helping others and making a difference are two of the reasons many entrepreneurs start their businesses to begin with. That … Continue reading

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Success requires authenticity.

5 fool-proof ways to sound like a snake-oil salesman

One of the quickest ways to sabotage your success is to come across as a snake-oil salesman.  You know just what I’m talking about: the person who has an oily, slimy manner to go with their oily, slimy product. Some … Continue reading

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Do your goals make sense for YOU?

How to work on YOUR goals, not theirs

In last Thursday’s post I posed some questions intended to challenge you, all revolving around one crucial success factor: Are you working on your goals, or someone else’s? If you’ve read this far, chances are you have at least some … Continue reading

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Intentional choice is a prerequisite for success.

Do you really want that, or do you just think you SHOULD want it?

Choice is a double-edged sword. On the one hand, knowing you have options to choose from creates a sense of personal power and calm. On the other, the sheer number of options and opportunities facing you can easily lead to … Continue reading

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Successful entrepreneurs take care of their physical AND mental health.

Better a potty mouth than a potty mind

Few clients or strategic allies would find use of obscenities an acceptable business practice, so most of us make sure to avoid inflicting a “potty mouth” on our important stakeholders. However, as awkward and unprofessional as it would be to … Continue reading

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Do you string out your discomfort?

How do you prefer your discomfort?

Only the masochists among us are truly into discomfort, but all of us experience it sooner or later. When it comes to doing those important-but-uncomfortable activities that lurk in Quadrant II, here’s a question worth asking: Do you prefer your … Continue reading

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Are you a winner or a wannabe?

Are you playing to win or playing not to lose?

Successful entrepreneurs know there’s a big difference between playing to win and playing not to lose. I reluctantly admit that in years past I became quite familiar with what playing not to lose looks like. Fortunately, those experiences now serve … Continue reading

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Just how big a liar are you?

  Mindset. It’s a term that may be tossed around all over the place, but that doesn’t mean it’s not crucial to your success—or failure.  How you think and talk to yourself can propel you forward or keep you mired … Continue reading

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Successful entrepreneurs know when to wear a mask and when not to.

What are you hiding?

Super-heroes wear masks.  Costume-ball guests wear masks.  The lucha libre wrestlers of Mexico and other Spanish-speaking countries wear masks. Entrepreneurs wear masks. This is not necessarily a bad thing.  It’s not necessarily a good thing, either.  As an entrepreneur, a … Continue reading

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Courage gets results.

Five strategies to grow yourself big and bold

If you read last Thursday’s post, you noticed it was just a bit on the gloom-and-doom side.  That’s because I pointed out some ways that even talented entrepreneurs can sabotage their own success. I realize that, if you’re like many … Continue reading

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Five strategies to keep yourself safe – and small

Many of us talk about wanting to grow our businesses big.  What’s curious is how frequently the “big” talk is sabotaged by small thoughts and small actions.  You may have found yourself in that very situation: You have great ideas … Continue reading

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Successful entrepreneurs are choosy about their clients.

What are YOUR clubhouse rules?

Back in the old days, children would create clubhouses for themselves and their special friends.  Membership was by invitation only, and—depending on who “owned” the clubhouse—highly coveted. In a way, things are not that different today for adults who have … Continue reading

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Successful entrepreneurs create their own outcomes.

The minimalist guide to always getting positive outcomes

I know, I know.  Speaking in absolutes, like the word “always”, is a good way to get yourself in trouble.  But I contend that there is a way to always experience a positive outcome.  It just depends on how you … Continue reading

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Successful entrepreneurs claim their personal power.

Are you making yourself a victim with these 7 power-robbing phrases?

Wow – another year has flown by. Happy New Year to all! I wrapped up 2013 talking about how every self-fulfilling prophecy can work for or against you, and about how distorted thinking is a dangerously effective way to sabotage … Continue reading

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Success or failure - both depend on your thoughts and definitions.

How do you define success and failure?

There are many ways to be your own worst enemy.  One common way is to fall prey to counterproductive thinking in which your definitions of circumstances and situations steal away your energy and personal power.  Here are some distorted definitions … Continue reading

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What results do you get from YOUR self-fulfilling prophecy?

The self-fulfilling prophecy: road to success or failure?

It’s all in your head. Wishing won’t make it come true. What makes you such a big deal? There’s an almost endless litany of messages that pound away at us, and many of them, unfortunately, are horrendously counterproductive. Are your … Continue reading

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Focus is key to success.

Focus + creativity + powerful mindset = success.

The greater your focus on the important stuff, the greater the probability of you rising high in the ranks of successful entrepreneurs. Continue reading

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Focus is a trait all successful entrepreneurs have in common.
Mindset is crucial to business success.

Mindset, money, BrickBreaker – oh, my!

A positive, powerful mindset is crucial to business success. How’s yours? Continue reading

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Is your ego getting in the way of your success?

Are you sacrificing results just so you can stay in your comfort zone?

It’s been said that the purpose of the ego is to save us from anticipated future pain. I can totally see this being true, and it makes me wonder: Just how much have all of us sacrificed by allowing our … Continue reading

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Don’t worry. Be happy. Make money.

Research indicates that happiness is one of the critical success factors for entrepreneurs, and that happy people make more money than unhappy ones. Continue reading

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Here’s a scary thought: Are you your own worst enemy because of bad habits?

By doing a task (or thinking a thought) over and over again, it becomes ingrained in your very being. That’s both the joy and the curse of habits. Continue reading

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The way you dry your toes can predict your success in business.

I find it just fascinating how so many business lessons can be learned from seemingly mundane activities – if you’re willing to pay attention. Unfortunately, I don’t always pay attention if the Universe tries to subtly teach me something; a … Continue reading

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Which sounds better: a mid-life crisis or a mid-life blooming?

I vote for blooming. I’m not totally thrilled about being in mid-life to begin with.  I’m too damn young to have knee pain and this much grey hair (even though my stylist calls it “platinum”).  I’m really  not okay with … Continue reading

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