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Focus + action = success.

Decide. Then do. Here’s how.

  I love when lessons from the personal side of life can be so profitably applied to the business side. As President of the Board at Peoples Church Unitarian Universalist, I’m kept in the loop of all sorts of discussions. … Continue reading

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Focus is essential to productivity.

Killing the killers

  Last week I spoke about productivity killers. In my opinion, all of them are subtle, insidious, and a general pain in the ass. The good news is that there are specific action steps you can take to do away … Continue reading

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Success requires both flexibility AND focus.

Kicking back? Kicking it up? How ‘bout both?

  Folks in the northern hemisphere are basking in the start of summer. If you’re like most such people, you’re looking forward to vacations and road trips and some lazy days off. The question is, Can your business afford to … Continue reading

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Successful entrepreneurs embrace changes.

How do you react to the C word?

  There are many potentially scary things in the world: bridges, tarantulas, spandex…the list goes on and on. We all deal with a variety of fears, both large and small, as we go through life. However, one fear that’s common … Continue reading

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Does your morning routine set you up for success or failure?

Bad breath is the LEAST of your problems.

You wouldn’t think of leaving the house for your first appointment of the day without brushing your teeth, would you? No way; such basic physical hygiene is a habitual part of your morning routine.  Skipping it would definitely lead to … Continue reading

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Not all activities are productive!

How to ditch time-wasting “coffee dates” once and for all

We’ve all felt the lure of that seductive question that seems to indicate a burning desire to know more about our fascinating business: Why don’t we get together over coffee? Such an unassuming little question. Such a seemingly great networking … Continue reading

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Are you into weeds or flowers?

Business development is a lot like gardening: If you don’t take consistent, intentional steps to create the results you want, you’ll have to settle for what you get. Whether you’re growing a business or growing a garden, you have two … Continue reading

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Creativity and productivity in nature.

A rite to help you write right

Getting prospects to trust you and respect your abilities is one of your more crucial business-development activities. A business truism that has stood the test of time is this: Unless a prospect knows, likes, and trusts you, she’s not going … Continue reading

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Warning: Bright shiny objects ahead!

Most entrepreneurs are creative and curious, and those are admirable, useful qualities.  Unfortunately, too much of anything is toxic.  This means that, if you take those qualities to an extreme, you’ll be poised to fall prey to Shiny Object Syndrome.  … Continue reading

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How time-saving tools gamble with your productivity

Remember back in the good ol’ days when the advent of the computer lead to pipe dreams about the “paperless office”? Me, too. That’s just one of the more amusing examples of how technology was supposed to improve our productivity, … Continue reading

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Courage gets results.

Five strategies to grow yourself big and bold

If you read last Thursday’s post, you noticed it was just a bit on the gloom-and-doom side.  That’s because I pointed out some ways that even talented entrepreneurs can sabotage their own success. I realize that, if you’re like many … Continue reading

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Courage can be developed.

Three ways to baby-step your way to brave

Anyone who looks like they’re fearless is a great actor. Everyone is afraid of something: snakes, clowns, cats… This doesn’t even begin to consider one of the biggies—fear of public speaking.  But one of the most powerful habits of successful … Continue reading

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Are you on your way to becoming an SBA failure statistic?

According to the United States Small Business Administration (SBA), about half of all small businesses will fail before their fifth anniversaries; nearly two-thirds will fail before their tenth.     What’s with that?  Why do so many talented, creative entrepreneurs … Continue reading

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Five crucial business lessons from the movie “Up”

If you thought the Pixar animated movie Up was strictly a children’s film, think again.  In reality, it’s a cleverly disguised business-building primer.  Here are five of its key lessons that every successful entrepreneurs should learn and apply. 1.     Think … Continue reading

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“What If…?”: A Powerful Tool for Thinking Big and Achieving Goals

If you’re serious about achieving goals and experiencing serious business growth, you get to let go of fearful “What if?” thinking and start developing action plans based on powerful, creative “What if?” thinking. Learn how! Continue reading

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Creating an Action Plan? Easy. Implementing It? That’s a Whole ‘Nother Story.

How do you keep from going crazy trying to figure out which ideas to take action on? Check out the following suggestions. Continue reading

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