Light Bulbs and Pig Snorts


With information overload at its highest level yet, the last thing a compassionate businessperson will do is clog her connections’ inboxes with an endless stream of emails saying, “Hi! It’s me again!  Wanna buy this product?”

But a quickie reminder about a blog post packed with specific, actionable steps—that’s a different matter.  That’s what I offer you with my once-a-week (maybe once-every-other-week) emails.  I’ll give you a brief summary of the current topic along with a link to the blog; you decide whether it’s what you need to read now or if you’re better off bookmarking the page for later viewing.

So if you’re ready for a regular dose of great ideas (as well as the occasional pig-snort of laughter), just click below and put “I’m ready for some pig snorts” in the subject line.


Pig snorts now

Of course, if you prefer that really newfangled technology, you can just subscribe to my RSS feed by clicking on the icon in the top right corner of this page (or whatever page you’re on when you realize you deserve to experience the decreased stress and greater productivity you’ll enjoy as a result of using the tools I share in each blog post).

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