Mindset, money, BrickBreaker – oh, my!

Have you ever played BrickBreaker? I have.  While others may think we’re just “playing a game”, we know that we’re actually taking advantage of an experiential learning tool that has crucial implications for our success in business.  (It’s a good story, and I personally am sticking to it.)

For those of you who have not yet discovered this powerful tool for business development, here’s how it works.  The goal is to destroy as many bricks as possible by keeping what I call the wrecking ball in play: bounce it off walls, off the controlling paddle, and, of course, off the bricks themselves.  Various additional weapons may be released when you destroy a brick: bombs, multiple wrecking balls, lasers…you get the idea.  If you fail to keep the ball in play, you lose one of the three “lives” with which you start the game.  Three lives lost and the game is over.  The good news is that additional “lives” can also be released from a destroyed brick.

I realized there were over a dozen key lessons I learned from that time I spent slaving over a hot BlackBerry, so I’ve broken them into categories.  The first lessons have to do with the mindset you bring to your business.

Your mindset impacts your productivity, effectiveness, and results.

Mindset is crucial to business success.

Once you’re mentally prepared for success, you get to apply your creativity to your work, so that you get the results you want.  That’s the topic of Thursday’s post.

What’s been your experience with getting your head in the game?  What works for you when it comes to creating a winner’s mindset?

By the way, thanks to AlicePopkorn for posting her image in the Creative Commons section of Flickr.

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