Looking For Loyalty? Start Here.


Love your clients? I bet you DO. Most business owners adore their clients. They LOVE their colleagues. They are grateful for the relationships they make through their business.

So it might surprise you to hear the statistic that 68% of clients leave a business because they believe the business does not care.

You’re probably relieved. After all – you care about your clients so you don’t fall into that category. But read it again:

Sixty-eight percent of clients leave a business because they BELIEVE the business does not care.

You can't succeed if you don't care.It doesn’t say the business doesn’t care. It says the clients BELIEVE the business doesn’t care.

Caring isn’t enough. Even if you care about the people you associate with in your business, they might not know it.

Your success depends on being able to find ways to show them and let them know you care.

Perception impacts success.

Here are 20 ways you can show your clients and colleagues you care:

1. Handshake
2. Hug
3. Pat on the back
4. High 5
5. Send a note in the mail
6. Friendly phone call
7. Give a sincere compliment
8. Thank them for their business
9. Send a birthday cake
10. Send flowers
11. Give a personalized gift
12. Send something small but unexpected in the mail
13. Help them with a project
14. Donate to their fundraiser
15. Give FREE information from your expertise
16. Do a little more than expected
17. Take them to a sporting or cultural event
18. Host a client appreciation party
19. Take them to lunch – just because
20. Give them your undivided attention

You don’t have to do all of these for every person. Pick the ones that fit you and fit the individual.

Here’s what happens when you regularly incorporate these actions into your business.

Being nice pays off. The small and simple things you do will bring great rewards in your business.


Many, many thanks to my friend and colleague Deb Brown, founder of Touch Your Client’s Heart and relationship builder extraordinaire, for sharing her wisdom in this post.

For the past four years Deb has been showing entrepreneurs like you how to STOP leaving money on the table and, instead, grow their businesses by grabbing their clients’ attention and touching their hearts. She has an uncanny ability to understand the world by putting herself in other people’s shoes, and she uses that gift to build relationships in business. She can show you how to do the same. 

If you would like to more consistent referrals, grab a FREE copy of Deb’s “WOW Your Referral Partner” Tracking Sheet along with email instructions on how to use it here.

(BTW, thanks to Michael Havens and Patient Care Technician for posting the “care” image in the Creative Commons section of Flickr.)

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