It’s a jungle out there. Which animal are you?


The entrepreneurs I work with most successfully typically represent one of three members of the animal kingdom:



Who’s your animal alter ego?  (If you’re extremely versatile, like me, you may have found yourself channeling more than one of them at different times.)

While critters have a whole lot to recommend them in general, they’re really not the best role models for successful entrepreneurs. So what can you do if you seem to have an unhelpfully close affinity for one of these feathered or furry friends? Here are some strategies that will shift your behavior closer to that of Homo sapiens.

Mynah makeover:

Help for hamsters:


You can’t be effective if you’re not brave and committed.


Deer do-over:


So…What kind of animal does business-building bring out in you? Which of the appropriate strategies sound like they’ll work for you?

Or can you feel yourself falling back into animal mode just by reading this? Here are some clues this may be happening to you:

But there’s another option for anyone out there in the wild kingdom: Grab a spot in my calendar for a get-acquainted call to see if you and I would do good work together. If you and I turn out to be well suited to each other, we’ll make huge strides in getting you out of that unproductive animal behavior and, instead, start developing some habits that will propel you toward the success you’re currently struggling for.

(BTW, thanks to Ron Cogswell, Haundreis, and Eric Chan. They posted their images of the mynah bird, hamster, and deer, respectively, in the Creative Commons section of Flickr.)

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