It takes more creativity to break bricks than you might think.

I wrote on Monday about the need to approach your business with the proper mindset, and I shared how I learned some valuable lessons about how to get my head in the game by playing BrickBreaker.  (Yes, I am writing this with a straight face.)

However, even with a geared-for-success mind set, you’ll struggle if you think you don’t need to be on the lookout for ways to do your work better and more effectively and ensure that it offers huge value to your clients.  That’s where your creativity comes in.

Creativity is one of many success factors.

Creativity is one of the crucial success factors that will help you thrive.

Since BrickBreaker is a wise teacher that addresses a variety of business situations, here are the lessons it’s taught me when it comes to being creative.

So…you’re working on creating a winner’s mindset, and you’re honing your creativity.  Both are crucial skills, yet neither will do you any good if you don’t know how and where to focus them.  That’s what we’ll explore next week.

What are some successes you’ve enjoyed because you came up with a creative solution to a challenge?  What did that feel like?  It’s okay, you can toot your own horn here; we’ll celebrate with you.

By the way, thanks to mrsdkrebs for posting her image in the Creative Commons section of Flickr.

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