How to fail your way to success

How many quotes about failure, mistakes, and generally screwing up have you heard over the years?

Don’t you just hate the way they all make such good sense?

Sometimes I get lazy, and I don’t want to put out yet more effort to make my failures feel less huge.  I’m already dealing with a failure, for cryin’ out loud, and now I have to do more work to get over it?


Like any growth-promoting activity, getting the upper hand on failure takes some doing.

Fail faster so you can succeed faster.

Fortunately, there are simple tools you can use to make failure seem a little less horrendous. The following will help you start letting go of your reluctance to fail:

So how do you handle failure?  Is “failure” even in your vocabulary any more, or have you found a way to rename it so that it no longer stops you in your tracks?  Whatever your success stories in handling it, the rest of us would love to hear about them (and maybe take some time off our own learning curves).


(By the way, thanks to Andy Foley for posting his painful image in the Creative Commons section of Flickr.)

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