How many eggs are you trying to stuff in one basket?

Pivotal moment. Critical mass. Tipping point.

Whatever you call it, you can probably look back and identify any number of occasions when you were able to say, “That’s when things started to gel.”

All too often, people tend to assume their success will result from that ONE THING they’ve decided will create their desired outcomes. They develop tunnel vision and assume this is the only road to success. In other words, they put all their success eggs into just one basket.

But I’ve observed that “gelling” moments are rarely the result of a single course of action. Far more often, they come about as a result of taking action on multiple fronts.

Of course, you get to make sure you’re taking strategic, well-thought-out action steps; otherwise, you’re doing the equivalent of throwing spaghetti at the wall to see what sticks.

Fortunately, it’s easier to see how to get into purposeful motion when you thoughtfully identify where you want to go and why you want to get there.

And the beauty of multiple hows is that they often reinforce each other, whatever the field of endeavor.

Say you’re ready to create additional streams of income. Have a thriving consulting business? Then look into ways you can you package your expertise as a digital product. And once you’ve learned to successfully promote your own offering, you can look for ways to apply those lessons to become successful in promoting other people’s digital products online.

Or maybe you’re ready to take better charge of your results by taking better charge of your mental self-talk. So you start reading and applying the tools and strategies in books like E-Squared: Nine Do-It-Yourself Energy Experiments That Prove Your Thoughts Create Your Reality, by Pam Grout, or Reset Your Mindset: How to Make Sure Your Thoughts Build You Up Instead of Tear You Down, by Kathleen Mavity. ☺

Or – Hey! – how ‘bout you check out Napoleon Hill’s classic Think and Grow Rich? That will address your multiple streams of revenue and your mindset at the same time.

Just remember: You’re skilled. You’re creative. You’ve got the wherewithal to choose and manage multiple paths to success. And the only thing that can stop you…is you.

(BTW, thanks to Rod Waddington for posting the great image of the crowded egg basket in the Creative Commons section of Flickr.)

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