High fives and high vibes

A recent misunderstanding expanded my horizons.

My friend, Marinda, and I were talking about how it can be challenging these days to focus on what’s working instead of what’s screwed up, and to be courageous instead of fearful. We went on to observe that worry and fear interfere with those high-vibration, feel-good thoughts that – according to Law of Attraction fans – are what magnetize good things to us.

You can only feel one emotion at a time, whether it’s a low-vibration one like helplessness or a high-vibration one like appreciation.

For instance, if you’re fearful, there’s no room for excitement. If you’re excited, there’s no room for fear.

And if you’re happy and ready to celebrate an accomplishment with a round of high fives, there’s definitely no room for worry.

As Marinda put it, “Fear and high vibes are not compatible.” Or, as I heard it during our Zoom meeting, “Fear and high fives are not compatible.”

The neat thing is, I realized both statements are true. And both point to a simple (although not always easy) step you can take at any time to move out of the pits into which COVID craziness may have tossed you:

Find something to feel good about.

You see, if you make the choice to look for something that’s working, or positive, or a day brightener…you will find it. And when you’re enjoyably basking in that high-vibe mode, fears and worries will have a hard time dragging you down.

If you’re struggling with this, I invite you to check out this video, made by a very wise little miniature schnauzer and her human. Pluto’s life hacks invariably make me laugh out loud and boost my vibe; I guarantee they’ll do the same for you. Enjoy!

(BTW, thanks to big-ashb for posting the adorable tiger cub in the Creative Commons section of Flickr.)

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