The First Step

The work I do is not for everyone.  While some people consider me the answer to a prayer, others wouldn’t work with me if you paid them because our styles just don’t mesh.  Who knows where you might fall in that spectrum?

Maybe you like the energy and the slightly (okay, significantly) skewed sense of humor you’ve encountered throughout this site.  Maybe you’ve seen yourself reflected in the description of the people I do my best work with.  Maybe you’re just curious to learn if there’s a way I can help you fix what’s currently not working in your business the way you want it to.

Maybe it’s time for a first date.

There’s an easy, painless, no-risk-to-anyone way to set that up: Just grab a spot in my calendar for a no-cost, nobody’s-committed-to-nothin’, 40-minute phone call where we can get acquainted.  I guarantee that, by the end of that call, we’ll know whether we wish each other well and say good-bye or whether we agree on a way to start working together to kick some major business butt.

By the way, I have a first-rate advisory team.  They keep me accountable and operating at the top of my game, so I can effectively work with you to keep you at the top of yours:


 marketing and mindset experts

Barkley (left) and Maddy, ready for our daily staff meeting


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