Do you do better work for your clients than you do for yourself?

I’m willing to bet money that every single one of us has encountered a curious professional paradox:  The very things we’re so good at doing for our clients are things we’re terrible at doing for ourselves.




What’s with that?!?



As a make-it-happen mentor for my entrepreneurial clients, I’m terrific at showing them how they may be sabotaging their own success; how to move from simply having great ideas to actually getting great results; how to stop hiding behind small thoughts and small actions.

In my perfect world, I’d be equally terrific at doing all those things for myself, by myself.  However, in the real world, I rely heavily on my MasterMind groups to provide the input, support, and resources I need to play my bigger game.  I think the Universe is just being playful with me when it demonstrates how I need other people to help me consistently apply the lessons I’ve learned.

“What sort of lessons are those?”, you might ask.

Well, I realized that I was taught, from a very young age, to place more importance on other people’s opinions and wishes than on my own; to act as if I were responsible for “making” others feel good or bad; and to follow other important rules of “proper” behavior—even though these rules were unspoken.


After a few decades trying to live by these rules and thus attain the status of “good girl”, I concluded that the only thing I’d get from following them was a life that was smaller, duller, and less authentic than I deserved.  I declared that I was just so done with living small.

On the theory that late truly is better than never, I eventually got started on a belated blooming process, greatly aided by the people and resources that my curiosity led me to.  I found that the more effort I put into growing beyond current self-imposed limits, the more successful I was and the more enjoyable life became.

Over time, I organized these tools I’d discovered and applied into a systematic approach that anyone can use to unlock the doors their own inner big person is trapped behind.  These seven steps are very simple, although they’re not necessarily easy to apply in real life.  However, my clients and I are finding out that the rewards of doing the work are huge.  Stepping outside your comfort zone and challenging your own limiting beliefs are small prices to pay for creating a bigger, bolder future.

Are you ready to take some baby steps into Big?  Then join me for a free teleseminar on April 19th from 10 – 11 a.m. Central Daylight Time in the U.S.  I’ll share stories of stumbling and success, as well as resources you can start using now to play your own bigger game. Although there’s no charge to attend, I do need you to register so I know where to send the call-in number.  Fortunately, all you need to do to reserve your spot is to click here.

P.S. – Thanks to Colin_K for the big question  mark; I found it on Flickr.

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