Creating an Action Plan? Easy. Implementing It? That’s a Whole ‘Nother Story.

I was researching quotes about action today for my ezine, and I came up with several that felt like they were written just for me:

Is it just me, or do those make you cry, “Owie owie owie!”?

As entrepreneurs, it’s really easy for us to come up with great ideas for products, programs, and services.   When it comes to action planning, that’s a bit trickier, simply because we typically have so damn many great ideas; how do you figure out which one to start with?  But even that’s a piece of cake compared to coming up with an implementation strategy.

What to do?

I can always tell when I have too many ideas swirling: I start looking for a security blankie and a nice corner to curl up in.  When this happens, I’ve found several approaches that slow me down and calm me down.

So what have you found that helps you with goal setting, action planning, and implementing? Let us know!  It would be great if we could all become poster children for the following quotes:

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