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Are you moving at the speed of sloth?

Every day brings dozens of choices, both personal and professional. Many of them are made unconsciously; sometimes that’s a good thing, and sometimes it’s not. When you’re trying to create something special in your life, you’re going to get much … Continue reading

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Don’t assume the quick answer is the right answer. Don’t assume it’s not.

A friend of mine shared this image on Facebook with directions to “find the one that is different.” I took a quick look at it and felt rather smug that I came up with the answer immediately: Dog #1 does … Continue reading

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What to do when you’re thrown out of whack

I love food. Anyone who says food is not a reward for a job well done is obviously delusional. A potential down side to loving food, of course, is not loving the way too much of it leads to you … Continue reading

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Mistakes are our friends! (Gag.)

Last week I mentioned a YouTuber who did an entire video on the value of making mistakes. As I said then, I’m pretty sure he intended this message for me. All of us, if we’re honest, acknowledge that we’ve learned … Continue reading

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Comment ça va?

Recently, I started exploring how having dusted off my degrees in French and biology led to some very interesting reminders about being smart in business. If you remember, I’m getting my “ear” back in shape by listening to a native … Continue reading

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Waiting for success is a sure way to fail.

Think About It! But Not Too Much.

I recently purchased a dog door for my screened porch. Theoretically, this enables Barkley and Maddy to nose open the flexible flap and let themselves into the yard; I can stay inside as I open the sliding door from the … Continue reading

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Success requires keeping your eyes open.

Now you see it; now you don’t.

Q: How many lessons can one person learn from a big project? A: About one for every month she worked on said project. We’ve arrived at the last three lessons from the year-long process of my birthing 11 Kindle e-books. … Continue reading

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Take one step after another for success.

And a-one, and a-two…

If you read my recent posts about the lessons I learned in the process of becoming a published Amazon author, you might think I’d come to the end of sharing what I’d gleaned. You’d be wrong…but at least we’re in … Continue reading

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Success requires the courage to act despite fear.

It’s time for a leap of faith.

Sometimes you just get to take a deep breath and make the leap. Even – or especially – when you don’t really know what you’re doing. Continue reading

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Could be worse. You could be a baby elephant.

If you think learning something brand new to build your business is tough, just remember: It’s nothing compared to what a baby elephant goes through trying to figure out how to use that two-foot-long thing hanging off her face. You … Continue reading

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Are you poisoning your success?

Emotional business building

  One of my favorite sayings is, “Too much of anything is toxic.” In other words, no matter how useful or productive something may be—an attitude, a belief, a work habit, whatever—if you take it to extremes, it will begin … Continue reading

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Too much comfort leads to failure.

Would you rather be comfortable or successful?

Jeff Olson, in his book The Slight Edge, observed that “Successful people do what unsuccessful people are not willing to do.”  In other words, unsuccessful people value their short-term comfort more than their long-term results. This seems to be a … Continue reading

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How women “just do it”

See if this explanation of how many women develop low self esteem rings any bells for you. Continue reading

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Here’s a scary thought: Are you your own worst enemy because of bad habits?

By doing a task (or thinking a thought) over and over again, it becomes ingrained in your very being. That’s both the joy and the curse of habits. Continue reading

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Three time-management mistakes you don’t know you’re making.

Does the whole idea of “time management” make you gag?  Join the crowd. There are a ton of clichés surrounding this topic, many of which actually have the potential to be very useful.  The problem is that, while we’ve been … Continue reading

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There’s No Such Thing as a Perfect Action Plan! (Thank Goodness.)

Perfectionism has a high cost and a low return. So why do so many of us get sucked into thinking “perfection” is what we should aim for? Here’s an idea for getting out of Perfection Paralysis. Continue reading

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What do you do when your “big” feels overwhelming?

One of the reasons I enjoy such great relationships with my clients is that I’m so familiar with the feeling that my head may explode from all the possibilities facing me. I find it curious and aggravating that I still think … Continue reading

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The first step is always the trickiest.

The first steps of establishing Stepping Into Big, LLC, are completed.  I’m registered with the state of Minnesota, my logo design is complete, my business cards are printed, and my website is functional. Even more important, I’m already working with … Continue reading

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