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It takes courage to keep trying.

Time to get back on the horse? 3 ways to make it easier

What horse have you dismounted (or perhaps fallen from) this past year? What with one thing and another – U.S. political insanity, a pandemic, becoming best friends with Zoom – “normal” became a distant memory for most of us. We … Continue reading

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You can't succeed if you don't act.

How to kick butt when it’s your butt that needs kicking

Butt kicking. Done for the right reason – to get someone unstuck and back on track toward their important goal – it’s a valuable and compassionate tool. But what do you do when the butt that needs kicking is your … Continue reading

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Achieving a desired outcome often takes courage.

Just jump off the damn ‘frig!

Quick back-story: My sister decided to sand and paint her kitchen cabinets. Screwing the newly painted doors back into their frames was definitely a two-person job, so I spent a couple of fun-filled afternoons helping with that. The very last … Continue reading

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It's no secret: Thought without action is useless.

Are you still using positive thinking as a tool for growth? Then think again.

  When The Secret came out about 10 years ago, it was a mixed blessing. On the one hand, it introduced a lot of people to the concept that you’re truly more powerful than perhaps you ever gave yourself credit … Continue reading

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Are you dealing with eMAIL or eMAUL?

Successful entrepreneurs know how to manage their inbox so it increases their productivity instead of making them crazy. Continue reading

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Is it time for a mental makeover?

How do you let go of harsh, unrealistic judgments of yourself? Start here. Continue reading

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