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It’s a good time to chill.

When have you let fear override clear thinking? Do you get so busy doing that you stop seeing what’s there? When have you assumed yourself into a corner and gotten stuck? These are all situations when it behooves you to … Continue reading

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Just say "no" to blowing your chances with prospects.

Never do these 5 things to a prospect.

  I’m still embarrassed by this old mistake. I’d met a woman at a class I was teaching, and a few weeks after the class finished, she called me out of the blue. She said she thought she might want … Continue reading

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Business development gets propelled forward by curiosity.

Curiosity may kill the cat, but it can save YOUR butt.

Curiosity is a great business-development tool, despite how folk wisdom blames it for a lot of feline deaths. Why is this? Because curiosity will: create a can-do mindset that enables you to assume there is a solution to any obstacle, … Continue reading

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Creativity is one of many success factors.

It takes more creativity to break bricks than you might think.

Playing Brickbreaker can teach you valuable lessons about creativity. Here’s how. Continue reading

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Don’t worry. Be happy. Make money.

Research indicates that happiness is one of the critical success factors for entrepreneurs, and that happy people make more money than unhappy ones. Continue reading

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Are you using “Why?” as a whip or a compass?

Do you know the one question that can stop you in your tracks AND propel you forward, depending on how you ask it? Continue reading

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Five crucial business lessons from the movie “Up”

If you thought the Pixar animated movie Up was strictly a children’s film, think again.  In reality, it’s a cleverly disguised business-building primer.  Here are five of its key lessons that every successful entrepreneurs should learn and apply. 1.     Think … Continue reading

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The ONE question that will turn you into a master problem-solver

When you CAN. NOT. AFFORD. to be stuck, this question will un-stick you. Continue reading

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