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Successful entrepreneurs know how to avoid overwhelm.

How to stay calm and focused (even if you’re now frantic and scattered).

You’ve been there. I’ve been there. We’ve all been there. You’ve got a zillion items on your Too Much To Do List, they’re all demanding your time and energy and attention, you’re trying to take care of as many as … Continue reading

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Important? Uncomfortable? Downright unnerving? Yup, must be a Quadrant II activity.

It takes guts to do what’s important but uncomfortable. How do YOU handle this? Continue reading

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The ABC’s of Effective Action: Stop. Think. THEN Act.

It occurs to me that I could eventually re-purpose these blog posts into my very own “tell all” book.  No juicy scandals, just lots of stories of how the Universe kept presenting me with opportunities to learn crucial lessons until … Continue reading

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Creating an Action Plan? Easy. Implementing It? That’s a Whole ‘Nother Story.

How do you keep from going crazy trying to figure out which ideas to take action on? Check out the following suggestions. Continue reading

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Runnin’ on Empty: The Importance of Re-charging

I’ve been feeling stressed lately and have had a hard time figuring out what was up. After a certain amount of whining, pondering, and ingesting mass quantities of chocolate, I realized I’ve been pushing too hard. Does any of this … Continue reading

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The agony and the ecstasy of continuous improvement.

The Japanese call it kaizen.  Depending on which definition you subscribe to, kaizen can refer to continuous improvement in everything from personal efficiency to manufacturing processes to the overall way one lives one’s life – and probably everything in between. If … Continue reading

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Battling inertia, or Why your WHY is so important

In the United States, a lot of people celebrated Thanksgiving yesterday.  Theoretically it’s a time to express thanks and appreciation for everything and everyone in our lives.  In actuality, it often is just the prelude for the madness of “Black … Continue reading

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Can implementing great ideas boost your endorphins?

I’ve got a nice little natural buzz going. I’m working with an accountability buddy as part of a year-long coaching program I signed up for.  Deb and I check in with each other every single day; the goal is for … Continue reading

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