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You never know where you'll pick up lessons in business success.

Who needs a BFF when you’ve got FBB?

Back in the good ol’ days, I took a very logical approach to choosing a college major. The decision process went like this: I like French. I like biology. Therefore, I’ll double-major in French and Biology. Wha….??? (In my defense, … Continue reading

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Small steps lead to success.

3 steps to ratcheting your way to success

Even though I’m one of the less handy people on the planet, I do love ratchets. They make that neat clicky noise when you use them, and life is so much easier when you’ve got one handy to tighten or … Continue reading

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Imagination + action = success.

Have you been suckered by the LOA?

The first month of the new year is already half over. How’s it going for you so far? January is typically a time for planning and setting goals, and a lot of people are probably relying on the Law Of … Continue reading

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Failure can be avoided.

Three strategies for starting a business that’s guaranteed to fail

  In the United States, Thanksgiving is a time for acknowledging and celebrating all the good that’s come our way in the last year. Many of us can find a lot to be grateful for, even if we still have … Continue reading

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Are you looking at the world through flies’ eyes?

It’s often challenging to be an entrepreneur, but it could always be worse. You could go through life as a fly. Not only are flies short-lived, annoying, disgusting disease carriers (let’s not even mention what they eat), but their view … Continue reading

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Are you into weeds or flowers?

Business development is a lot like gardening: If you don’t take consistent, intentional steps to create the results you want, you’ll have to settle for what you get. Whether you’re growing a business or growing a garden, you have two … Continue reading

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Do your goals make sense for YOU?

How to work on YOUR goals, not theirs

In last Thursday’s post I posed some questions intended to challenge you, all revolving around one crucial success factor: Are you working on your goals, or someone else’s? If you’ve read this far, chances are you have at least some … Continue reading

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The Hamster-Wheel School of productivity

You’ve probably seen cute little hamsters running on their wheels. They look so darn adorable, don’t they? Furry, cuddly, goofy looking as they go in endless circles, working so hard to get nowhere. Do you ever have a sneaking suspicion … Continue reading

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Failure hurts, but it's not fatal.

How to fail your way to success

While rarely fatal, failure IS often painful. How can you encourage yourself to deal with the pain so you earn the future payoff of improved results? Continue reading

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Don’t worry. Be happy. Make money.

Research indicates that happiness is one of the critical success factors for entrepreneurs, and that happy people make more money than unhappy ones. Continue reading

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The minimalist guide to business development

You don’t have the luxury of bouncing from one business-building ploy to another. Here are some ways to keep you laser focused on activities that will actually pay off for you. Continue reading

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Are you doing things for the first time EVERY time?

Reinventing the wheel is a common mistake that robs entrepreneurs of time, energy, and opportunity. An uncomfortable sense of déjà vu is typically an excellent clue that you’ve fallen prey to this results killer. For example, you may notice that … Continue reading

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What hunger games drive YOU?

What are you so hungry for that you’ll do whatever it takes to achieve it? Learn some ways to make sure you’ve discovered your true, compelling reason why you’re in business. Continue reading

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7 clues that you’re busy instead of productive

Are you simply doing stuff, or are you making progress? See if any of these traps are keeping you busy and unproductive. Continue reading

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Business growth doesn’t just happen – you must take action.

Are you a member of the Business AAA Club? Members are entrepreneurs who succeed because they Affirm And Act on ideas for business development success. Read on for ideas on how to get your membership. Continue reading

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