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Is that your final answer?

There is often more than a single answer to a question. Put another way, there’s more than one way to skin a cat. (Apologies to the cat lovers out there; I just couldn’t come up with another metaphor that would … Continue reading

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Are you open to feedback?

When what you see is not what’s there

This is one of my favorite snarky T-shirts. Unfortunately, most of us have probably declared this at some point (mentally, anyway), and I’ll bet the results were not pretty. Any smart entrepreneur knows: You don’t create a new product or … Continue reading

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You can always choose your response to irritants.

3 ways to take advantage of those annoying people

  You know who they are: the walking human ivy all around you whose sole purpose in life seems to be irritating you. Prospects, clients, vendors, collaborators, friends, neighbors, family members…any and all may fall into this category. Since you … Continue reading

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The right amount of flexibility aids success.

Do you flex or do you just cave in?

  Too much of anything is toxic. Sun, self-control, cats, cholesterol…anything, no matter how enjoyable, helpful, or even essential it may be in appropriate quantities, can turn and bite you on the behind if you get too much of it. … Continue reading

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Successful entrepreneurs create their own outcomes.

The minimalist guide to always getting positive outcomes

I know, I know.  Speaking in absolutes, like the word “always”, is a good way to get yourself in trouble.  But I contend that there is a way to always experience a positive outcome.  It just depends on how you … Continue reading

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Creativity is one of many success factors.

It takes more creativity to break bricks than you might think.

Playing Brickbreaker can teach you valuable lessons about creativity. Here’s how. Continue reading

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Are you focusing or painting yourself into a corner?

Too much of anything can be toxic. Is your focus and goal orientation starting to blind you to your actual accomplishments? Continue reading

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