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You can choose to be strong.

Say it like you mean it.

  For as much time as the typical entrepreneur spends on refining the words of her marketing messages, I wonder if she puts the same care into how she says those words when she’s interacting with people face to face. … Continue reading

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Bored prospects = lost revenues.

Communicating or talking at – what’s your default?

    I imagine every one of us has, at some point, been on the receiving end of a monologue disguised as a conversation. You know how it goes: The other person appears to have overcome the need for oxygen … Continue reading

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Do your words and your actions support each other?

You have the right to remain silent. Use it – but wisely.

  A young friend of mine recently demonstrated that actions truly can speak louder than words. She and some girlfriends were at a nightclub, enjoying themselves on the dance floor, when a young man decided that Elizabeth and her friends … Continue reading

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