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Relieve your burden: Decide.

When life interferes with business: 3 lessons learned

    Have you ever felt like you’ve been staggering along under a huge burden? You know, the kind of weight that leaves you feeling bereft of energy, creativity, and joy? Been there, done that, got a whole bunch of … Continue reading

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Mistakes aren't fun, but they're great teachers.

3 ways to dig yourself out of that embarrassing hole

Many moons ago, back before Big Pharma became truly evil, I sold pharmaceuticals for a top-tier company. Every month, those of us in the field waited with trepidation to see what sort of product-related give-aways the marketing department would provide … Continue reading

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Success requires a balance of planning and action.

You can’t have one without the other.

  There are just 63 days left in 2014. How did such a thing happen?? Sixty-three days left to evaluate what worked great in 2014 and what went down in flames. Sixty-three days left to envision and lay the groundwork … Continue reading

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Too much comfort leads to failure.

Would you rather be comfortable or successful?

Jeff Olson, in his book The Slight Edge, observed that “Successful people do what unsuccessful people are not willing to do.”  In other words, unsuccessful people value their short-term comfort more than their long-term results. This seems to be a … Continue reading

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Warning! Your “practical reasons” are often nothing more than excuses for playing small.

Are you kidding yourself that you’re logical when really you’re scared? It’s okay if you are. It’s just time to do something about it – NOW. Continue reading

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Wake up! Your comfortable habits may be slowly strangling your business.

Comfort zones are plush-lined coffins. Do you spend too much of your time there? Continue reading

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The way you dry your toes can predict your success in business.

I find it just fascinating how so many business lessons can be learned from seemingly mundane activities – if you’re willing to pay attention. Unfortunately, I don’t always pay attention if the Universe tries to subtly teach me something; a … Continue reading

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Do you do better work for your clients than you do for yourself?

Wouldn’t it be fabulous to be as effective for yourself as you are for your clients? To play the big game that you help THEM play? Here are tools you can use to level the playing field. Continue reading

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Five Steps to Making Discomfort Your Friend and Ally

Comfort is not all it’s cracked up to be. It keeps you small and often scared. Apply the following tactics to push past discomfort and start playing a bigger game. Continue reading

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There’s No Such Thing as a Perfect Action Plan! (Thank Goodness.)

Perfectionism has a high cost and a low return. So why do so many of us get sucked into thinking “perfection” is what we should aim for? Here’s an idea for getting out of Perfection Paralysis. Continue reading

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Can implementing great ideas boost your endorphins?

I’ve got a nice little natural buzz going. I’m working with an accountability buddy as part of a year-long coaching program I signed up for.  Deb and I check in with each other every single day; the goal is for … Continue reading

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Doing techie stuff is a BIG step for me. What feels big and scary to you?

Oh.  My.  Gosh. I’m once again frantically searching for chocolate to calm myself down before I attempt one of those “easy to do” online activities . I decided to take advantage of a service called Thumbtack as an additional way to get … Continue reading

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