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Can you see it? Can you NOT?

When you look at that garbanzo bean, ask yourself: Does it or does it not resemble a tiny human butt? Many people would honestly say they’ve thought that for years. Many others would honestly say they’d never noticed the similarity … Continue reading

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Commitment leads to success; obstinacy...not so much.

Are you resolute or just obstinate?

  Years ago I was working with a counselor to help me deal with having been widowed at a very young age. Once we did most of the grief work, we started exploring other areas. During one of those later … Continue reading

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Warning: Bright shiny objects ahead!

Most entrepreneurs are creative and curious, and those are admirable, useful qualities.  Unfortunately, too much of anything is toxic.  This means that, if you take those qualities to an extreme, you’ll be poised to fall prey to Shiny Object Syndrome.  … Continue reading

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How to make your planner your friend

Despite a recent mini-rant about how “productivity-enhancing” tools and technology can actually decrease your productivity, I do acknowledge that certain tools, used properly, can be an enormous amount in growing your business.  A case in point is whatever you use … Continue reading

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Too much comfort leads to failure.

Would you rather be comfortable or prosperous?

Jeff Olson, in his book The Slight Edge, observed that “Successful people do what unsuccessful people are not willing to do.”  In other words, unsuccessful people value their short-term comfort more than their long-term results. This seems to be a … Continue reading

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