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It takes courage to keep trying.

Time to get back on the horse? 3 ways to make it easier

What horse have you dismounted (or perhaps fallen from) this past year? What with one thing and another – U.S. political insanity, a pandemic, becoming best friends with Zoom – “normal” became a distant memory for most of us. We … Continue reading

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You need to focus so you don't get lost in busy work.

And your point is?

When was the last time you emerged from a deep well of intense online research – you know, where you click one link, which leads to another, which leads to another, ad infinitum – only to wonder, “What the hell … Continue reading

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Monkey bread. It’s not just for breakfast anymore.

If you’ve ever fallen victim to the lure of monkey bread, you know how dangerous it is. Not only is the flavor delicious (think sugar, cinnamon, and/or honey), but it’s made of small, snarfable pieces of individual fabulousness, expressly designed … Continue reading

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Bad habits will kill your business.

How to detox your business from 3 deadly P’s

  Last week I addressed the danger in falling prey to three toxic business behaviors: perfectionism, (over)planning, and procrastination. But it’s not enough to be aware of them; you have to take action against them if you want your business … Continue reading

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Are your "firsts" leading to success or failure?

Are you doing things for the first time EVERY time?

All of us have experienced hundreds of “firsts” in our lives: first day of school, first kiss, first car, first job…Many of these firsts are powerful rites of passage, and so worth celebrating. But, if you’re like a lot of … Continue reading

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Strategic planning and action minimize the effects of the revenue roller coaster.

Think an entrepreneur can’t learn from a master harpist? Think again.

  You’ve heard it time and again: Successful people have a whole spectrum of skills in common. One of those skills is an ability and willingness to learn from anyone who has good ideas – not just experts in their … Continue reading

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Small steps lead to success.

3 steps to ratcheting your way to success

Even though I’m one of the less handy people on the planet, I do love ratchets. They make that neat clicky noise when you use them, and life is so much easier when you’ve got one handy to tighten or … Continue reading

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Break free from self-sabotage.

Isn’t it time to declare your independence?

  Soon, those of us in the United States will be celebrating Independence Day, a holiday we normally associate with a political event back in 1776. However, you don’t have to be creating a whole new nation to declare an … Continue reading

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You can't succeed if you don't take action.

Is your train stuck in the station?

  While travel by rail is not as popular as it used to be (like it was before, say, airplanes even existed), you can probably still imagine the thrill of being prepared to go on a fabulous train trip. Bags … Continue reading

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Success requires letting go of fear.

How to launch that major project in 10 minutes or less

We’ve all had that deer-in-the-headlights feeling when faced with a huge project. When there’s so damn much to get done to create the product or service, it’s easy to feel paralyzed with indecision: Where in the world do you start?? … Continue reading

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Planning and DOING lead to success.

The minimalist guide to creating an action plan that works

Yeah, yeah, yeah—we’ve heard it ad nauseam: If you fail to plan, you’re planning to fail. But here’s the question: What if you’re having trouble planning? What if the very process of creating an action plan feels so overwhelming that … Continue reading

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The Hamster-Wheel School of productivity

You’ve probably seen cute little hamsters running on their wheels. They look so darn adorable, don’t they? Furry, cuddly, goofy looking as they go in endless circles, working so hard to get nowhere. Do you ever have a sneaking suspicion … Continue reading

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Keepin’ the faith: three steps to staying energized and motivated

Instant gratification.  It’s hard not to expect it. Have a tough question you need answered? Instead of going to a library to search through books, you can use Google to research it and get back millions of hits in a … Continue reading

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The Few. The Proud. The Survivors.

Last Monday, I addressed how easy it is for your business to become a failure statistic.  Let’s switch the focus today to how to become one of the minority of new businesses: the winners that get to celebrate their 10th … Continue reading

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Are you on your way to becoming an SBA failure statistic?

According to the United States Small Business Administration (SBA), about half of all small businesses will fail before their fifth anniversaries; nearly two-thirds will fail before their tenth.     What’s with that?  Why do so many talented, creative entrepreneurs … Continue reading

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Five crucial business lessons from the movie “Up”

If you thought the Pixar animated movie Up was strictly a children’s film, think again.  In reality, it’s a cleverly disguised business-building primer.  Here are five of its key lessons that every successful entrepreneurs should learn and apply. 1.     Think … Continue reading

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Business growth doesn’t just happen – you must take action.

Are you a member of the Business AAA Club? Members are entrepreneurs who succeed because they Affirm And Act on ideas for business development success. Read on for ideas on how to get your membership. Continue reading

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