Can implementing great ideas boost your endorphins?

I’ve got a nice little natural buzz going.

I’m working with an accountability buddy as part of a year-long coaching program I signed up for.  Deb and I check in with each other every single day; the goal is for each of us to keep the other on-task with those important-but-often-uncomfortable activities that will grow our businesses and our bank accounts.

My commitment for today was to get my opt-in offer posted on this website.  If you look in the upper right corner, you’ll see that it’s there.


I may have gotten this done just 15 minutes before our check-in phone call, but the big deal is that I did get it done.  On top of that, this task involved me doing some sorta techie stuff, which is a HUGE flippin’ deal for me.

I feel bouncy and energized and powerful, which is what prompted the title question. Can we really create more of the “feel good” hormones by accomplishing goals and implementing ideas?  Based on my experience, the answer is a resounding YES!

I’m starting to realize that moving from ideas to action, from having lots of new ideas to actually seeing those ideas through to completion, has benefits I hadn’t thought of before.

I’ve been telling clients that the “product” they get at the end of our 90-day collaboration is a set of prioritized, step-by-step action plans.  That’s certainly true, and it’s important:   a sound business-building idea won’t do you any good until you find a way to put it into action.  It’s also true that once clients have those action plans they feel:

However, I’m thinking now that even that is not the whole story.  

Maybe one of the biggest benefits they get from taking action and implementing great ideas is the renewed sense of energy, excitement, and personal power they get from it. That’s nothing that anyone can easily quantify, but it’s invaluable.  Just think how much more we’d all be willing to tackle if we approached tasks with a kick-butt-and-take-names attitude. Personally, I am so there.

 I am woman; hear me roar!

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