Business growth doesn’t just happen – you must take action.

There’s so much talk these days about the Law of Attraction and how you can use it to create the life you want.

I personally believe that this is a powerful tool for business growth and that you can’t just simply set your intentions and then wait for all kinds of good stuff to come your way.  In my world, the Law of Attraction has two key components: (1) affirm what you want and (2) take action.

What’s your action plan for success?

If you’re a typical entrepreneur, you have a zillion great ideas running through your head.  If you’re a successful entrepreneur, you’ve not only identified which of those ideas will propel you toward the goals you want to achieve; you’re also clear on what action steps you’ll take to turn those mission-critical ideas into reality.  If you’re feeling stalled right now on how to turn your list of goals into a list of accomplishments, here’s a sample action plan based on what I call the 4 P’s of Business Development™.

1.         Develop your Prospects.

2.         Develop your Presence in the marketplace.

3.         Develop (and refine) your Products and services.

4.         Develop your Professional and Personal skills.

Simple, right?  If only!

It’s typically easier to think about developing a step-by-step action plan than it is to actually create it, much less implement it.  One of the most powerful and sanity-saving tools I’ve ever applied is the practice of “chunking it down.”  If you’re not yet familiar with this term, it simply means to break down a large task into smaller and smaller chunks until you’ve created a series of action steps that are manageable and (perhaps) just slightly uncomfortable.  This series of baby steps is much easier to tackle than one HUGE task which is overwhelming and downright intimidating.

I find it especially useful to ask myself questions as a way to define what business-building steps I need to take to reach my goals.  Thoughtful answers to my questions guide me to the steps I need to take.  Here are some questions you can use to start defining how you’ll address your own 4 P’s.

1.         Regarding your Prospects:

2.         Regarding your Presence in the marketplace:

3.         Regarding your new and existing Products and/or services:

4.         Regarding your Personal and Professional skills:

Are you willing to ask these tough questions of yourself and—more challenging—create action plans based on the answers?  If so, are you confident and raring to go, or are you kind of deer-in-the-headlights at the thought of doing the work?  If you’re feeling paralyzed, maybe I can help you get out of the headlights and instead get behind the wheel.

I invite you to check out my Take-Action Packages to see which of them describes you, and then call or e-mail me so we can arrange for a get-acquainted, let’s-see-what-we-see phone call.  (And woohoo to you, because there you have it: your first chunked-down, two-step action plan!  That was easy.)

(BTW, thanks to NASA Goddard Photo and Video for the image of the rocket launch, and maveric2003 for the deer in the headlights.  I found both images on
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