Are you still waiting to get lucky? Knock it off!


Luck is really the result of perseverance and focused work.A couple of weeks ago we began exploring what makes for “lucky” entrepreneurs.  It’s time to finish the job by delving into other characteristics that make people look lucky when what they really are is focused, committed, and courageous.

Trait #4: They remain fluid and open-minded enough to take in and act on feedback from the market.

Back in college, I came across a snarky commentary that’s stuck with me for years: “My mind’s made up. Don’t confuse me with the facts.”

Decisiveness gets you a lot further than dithering. However, blind adherence to your initial strategy in the face of feedback telling you to change course – now – is a great way to shoot yourself in the foot.

Once again, it’s a question of finding a tipping point – in this case, where committed perseverance slips over into counterproductive obstinacy – and making sure you stay on the near side of said point.

Put another way, successful business builders stay focused on the desired end result instead of becoming married to what Mike Dooley calls “the cursed hows.” If, after careful consideration, they acknowledge that the method they’ve chosen to create a particular outcome continues to hit snags, they’re willing to adapt and adjust what they’re doing to incorporate feedback they’ve received from the market (or, as Dooley would put it, the Universe).

Trait #5: They play to win, rather than to not lose.

Playing to win requires an abundance approach to life and business: a mindset and a way of acting that assumes you can successfully attain what you want. If you play to not lose, on the other hand, you’re implicitly coming from a position of scarcity where your primary goal is really to minimize losses.

How can you tell if you’re playing to not lose? Here are some verbal give-aways:


“Luck” = focus + courage + persistence.


And let’s not forget the behavioral clues. You may very well be playing to not lose if you:

(Just a quick clarification on that last one: Gratitude is a powerful creative and energetic force, and I’m definitely NOT saying to ignore, pooh-pooh, or fail to express gratitude for everything you already have. What I’m cautioning against is buying in to the back-story implicit in that admonition, which demands to know, “Who are you to deserve even more than what you already have?”)

So how do you handle it if you realize you are, indeed, playing to not lose? Here are some tactics to apply:


So….How are you reacting to these ideas? Do you feel powerful? Overwhelmed? Light? Heavy? All of the above?

Perhaps that mash-up of reactions is a sign that you could use some outside input to help you figure out what particular tactics will work best to increase your “luck”. I may be able to help with that.

My specialty is showing stuck entrepreneurs how to find their courage and clarity. To find out if that’s something I can do for you, we can invest a few minutes on the phone asking and answering some questions (kind of like a business first date). At the end of our get-acquainted call – which is easy to set up here – we’ll both be confident in whatever conclusion we reach about working together.

It’s time to start making your own luck. Go for it!

(BTW, thanks to tuchodi for posting the wishbone image in the Creative Commons section of Flickr.)

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