Are you sacrificing results just so you can stay in your comfort zone?

It’s been said that the purpose of the ego is to save us from anticipated future pain.

I can totally see this being true, and it makes me wonder: Just how much have all of us sacrificed by allowing our egos to get in the way of expanding our horizons, improving our performance, or increasing our willingness to take prudent and appropriate risks?  Unfortunately, the answer to this question is probably, “Too damn much.”

ego games poster cropped by Rhonda MontrealWhen your ego dictates your actions, you’re actually sacrificing results for temporarily feeling safe in your comfort zone.  This is really bad news, since it’s impossible to grow beyond your current abilities and accomplishments if you refuse to accept feelings of discomfort.  Just think of any type of lesson you’ve ever taken, and it becomes instantly clear that learning a new skill is necessarily an exercise in looking temporarily  inept.


What are some warning signs that your progress is about to be derailed by your ego?  You:

Make it a priority to focus on results and your bottom line, not on staying in your comfort zone.

Fortunately, there are a variety of ways you can start to get your ego under control.

So how do you maintain a healthy self-respect while keeping your ego from running amok?  How do you honor yourself and your talents without assuming you always know best?

(By the way, thanks to Rhonda Montreal for posting her image in the Creative Commons section of Flickr.)

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