5 Content Essentials That Get You More Clients, More Influence & More Authority In Your Industry

Treat time! Enjoy the following post by my guest and Mastermind colleague, Lisa Angelettie.


I specialize in guiding entrepreneurs towards what I know is an entrepreneurial sweet spot! That’s when you stop trading dollars for hours and leverage what you know (your expertise) into streams of consistent income. Oh, how sweet it is!

Answer these questions…
• How many more clients do you actually believe you could add into your schedule?
• How many more clients do you really want to add into your schedule?
• Would you like to earn more income this month without adding more work for yourself via individual clients, but by leveraging your expertise in order to passively work with hundreds of clients?

That’s the power of content!

The problem is that most entrepreneurs don’t really have a good grasp on where to begin. So let’s go over 5 essential content strategies that you should be implementing in your business to make a major impact in your industry and start creating serious leverage!


Creating content, a.k.a. writing articles for your business, should be a top priority. Articles serve as the very foundation and base for your marketing message and your business. People will get a much better understanding of what you can do for them and the benefits of working with you when you write from a postition of authority, expert, or observer.

Remember that every article you write will be reused in some way in the next four content essentials that I am going to cover today, so it’s important that you get the fundamentals of good article writing and marketing down.

Recommendation — it’s my recommendation that you start writing at a pace that is comfortable enough for you to remain consistent. If that’s only once a month right now, then do that. If it’s biweekly, even better. If you can commit to one article a week, that would be awesome! Whatever you can commit to and “stick” to is where you should begin.


The next content essential to “get right” in your business is the creation of a blog. The reason why I say blog vs. some other type of website platform is that search engines like Google love blogs. The reason is that they can rank your content easier and higher, because they can “see it better” on a blog platform.

The articles that you write can also be rewritten and reused for other website submissions and much more. So remember that one blog post has a long life and that articles posted to your blog should be some of your best content.

Recommendation — The key to making this work for you is to publish to your blog consistently (at least 3 times a week) and to do your best to optimize it for the search engines (SEO). This means good article titles, keyword optimization, tagging and backlinking.


According to marketing experts, it takes at least 7 exposures to a marketing message to convince or persuade someone to invest in you. The BEST way to ensure that you touch people more than once is to continue a consensual, information-based relationship with them via your email newsletter or ezine.

I tell my clients all the time that I have never worked with any mentor of mine after only just one exposure to them. It took repeated relationship building via information marketing (newsletters).

Recommendation — Write a blog article for the week and use it as the “feature article” in your newsletter. This is a great way to repurpose your work.


So how do you entice visitors and potential clients to opt in to your newsletter? You make an irresistible free offer, that’s how! People love getting free ebooks, reports, audios, or videos. Any format will work well as long as the content is good.

By “good”, what I mean is don’t be afraid to give away one of your trade secrets, because people will love your content and want to come back to you for more. No one ever says “I’ve gotten this one golden nugget from this expert, that’s all I need!” No, they will see that “you’ve got the goods” and will want more from you. This is key to building authority, trust, and influence in your industry.

Recommendation — Take a piece of what you work on with clients, pull it out and create a training around it which will serve as your free offer for clients.


I know so many business owners who realize that social media is a great opportunity to get up front and personal with people but have no idea what to say. Well, social media is a fantastic platform for promoting all of your great content to a set of new eyes. Lots of ‘em! In fact in today’s new social climate, it’s essential that you leverage the power of social media because your competitors definitely are.

So what do you say in social media? Well, remember that blog article you wrote this week? Write up a brief introduction to what people will learn from the article, add the link to the original article, and post it on your favorite social media site.

Recommendation — If you’re just getting started with social media, I recommend that you should definitely pick ONE platform that you will get very familiar with and share your best content on. The easiest to get started with in my opinion is Twitter. The one I get the most “clicks” from, though, is Facebook. The one I personally enjoy is Pinterest, but the key is to pick one and enjoy!

Lisa Angelettie, The Content Marketing Mentor, shows entrepreneurs how to build a highly leveraged business that gets them more clients and makes them more money by using the power of content on the web. To get your FREE Training and receive her weekly marketing articles, visit http://www.LisaAngelettie.com.

P.S. – Thanks to birgerking for posting the amazing social-media graphic on flickr.
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