4 EEEEasy Steps to Creating a Powerful USP

Make sure your prospects know how valuable you are to them.


You’ve probably been subjected to more than one incredibly lame 60-second commercial at live networking events.

The purpose of this so-called “elevator pitch” is to position oneself as someone worth learning more about because of the huge value you can bring to the prospect. Unfortunately, far too many otherwise talented entrepreneurs miss out on this opportunity to position themselves as that valuable resource. Instead of sharing their USP, or unique sales proposition, all they have to offer is an MSP – a mediocre sales proposition.

Social media notwithstanding, there will always be a place for a face-to-face sharing of what you do. Rather than waste a golden opportunity to set yourself apart from the competition, follow these four easy steps to craft your knock-their-socks-off USP.


Your goal is to grab your listeners’ attention right away so they want to learn more about you and your business. Do this with openers such as:

Develop several engaging openers. This will keep your 60-second commercial fresh for you and your listeners.


While you can vary the engaging opener from one setting to the next, keep the concise explanation of your business consistent. As you encounter prospective clients at multiple events, this consistency makes it easy for them to learn the bottom-line benefit you offer your clients. You can lead into your explanation with, “I’m [name] with [company name], and I…”.


It’s all about the value that you provide clients.



This is the call to action, in which you encourage your listeners to contact you to learn more. Refer back to your engaging opener to develop a powerful call to action.


End strong with a short, memorable tag line you want everyone to associate with your business.

Bonus E – Example.

“If you sometimes feel like a phony, or seem to have lost your courage and confidence, you’re my kind of person. I’m Kathleen Mavity, and I consult with women entrepreneurs who need to focus, get unstuck, and just DO the important stuff they’ve been too damn uncomfortable to tackle on their own. If you or someone you know is struggling like a turtle on its back, let’s explore the possibility of getting you back on your feet. I’m Kathleen Mavity with Stepping Into Big: as-needed butt kicking and accountability services for stuck women entrepreneurs.”

(Okay, so this is more like a 32-second commercial, but you get the idea.)

Bonus EE – Extra Easy version.

Just go with the fourth E: Use the zinger tag line you’ve developed to encapsulate the longer version.


What’s the best 60-second commercial you’ve ever come up with? How about your favorite one-liner Encapsulation? Please share in the comments section below.

(BTW, thanks to Mark Herpel for posting the gold bars image in the Creative Commons section of Flickr.)

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